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    ProductFocusing on product quality and good service, to become the first supplier of light power lithium battery .
    Electric bicycle batteryElectric car batteryLi ion battery for storage

    CPET lithium battery advantage--Technical assurance of safety and reliability

    Intelligent dynamic battery management system (ID-BMS)
    1、the top-level design of the system -- providing remote intelligent service.
    2、the underlying design of the system-- ensuring the reliability and safety.
    ◆ The on-demand supply load output, reduce backup battery (battery for redundant design)
    ◆ The adaptive dynamic reorganization of cells makes charging more fully
    ◆ The adaptive dynamic reorganization of cells makes the discharge more fully


    Car class cell for more powerful and durable!


    NMC material with high energy density, the weight is only 1/4 of the lead acid battery!

    Intelligent BMS

    Intelligent BMS (choose GPS/GPRS module), make the battery smart!

    IP 67

    withIP67 dust proof& waterproof, the battery is safer and more durable!


    Modular design, no any worries to replace of lead-acid battery or upgrading power systems for vehicles!