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Fishing and water adventures are important for many people at different levels as it can be their source of income or a fun activity. Kayaks are one of the most popular and efficient ways to get involved with fishing.

Kayaks now come with all part of features that can help in fishing on a different type of water bodies including rivers, streams, and lakes etc.

These are available easily online and can be purchased as per your requirement of features. Different size and features are available in Kayaks and it’s important for a person to have proper knowledge about them before purchasing them.

Like feature and size Kayaks also come in a huge price range and it’s important to keep in mind the budget. It will take hours to collect data on Kayaks and find out what’s necessary for a Kayak. To reduce this work we have checked different Kayaks and collected data on them to find the best ones available recently.

The budget of 800$ is sufficient for getting a perfect Kayak with all basic features. Through this article, we will give all the details on Kayaks along with a list of best Kayaks available under 800$.

Undermentioned are the 7 best Kayaks with all the necessary features available under the budget of 800 Dollars:

6 Best Kayaks under 800 Dollars

  1. Preception Pescador

  2. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Fishing Kayak

  3. Vibe kayaks Skipjack 90 9-foot Fishing Kayak

  4. Binglinghua Inflatable Kayak Fishing

  5. Lifetime Fishing Kayak

  6. Ocean Kayak Caper Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing KayaK

1. Preception Pescador

This is a Kayak of length 13’ and width 34” with height 15”. It is a sit on top kayak that weighs 69 lbs and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Preception Pescador is suitable for slow moving rivers and streams.

It comes with many different features that include an adjustable seat back positioning for personalized fit and comfort along with quick adjust footrests that accommodate paddlers of all sizes. Storage issues are gone if you have this Kayak as it comes with dry front storage compartment with large hinged hatch.

Two molded-in rod holders are available for hands-free storage while paddling. A drink holder is present to keep your drink from spilling. It has a leak-proof one-piece structure along with a built-in buoyancy for safety.


  1. Bow and stern day hatches
  2. Kayak carrier handles
  3. Paddle parks
  4. Molded-in footwells
  5. Comfort seating system
  6. Leak-proof one-piece construction
  7. Gear tracks for adding accessories
  8. Large rear open storage
  9. Quickly adjust footrests
  10. Adjustable seat back positioning


  1. No accessory

2. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Fishing Kayak

wilderness systems tarpon 100 fishing kayak

This is yet another one of the best Kayaks available under the budget of 800$. This sit on type Kayak has the length of 10’ and width 30.5” with deck height 15.25”. It weighs 55 lbs and has a weight capacity of 325 lbs.

This Kayak has a phase 3® airport seat that is most comfortable seat out there available for Kayaks which is fully adjustable. It has ergonomic 3D foam in seats that make airflow to keep the rider cool and supported on the lower back.

It has dry storage hatches to keep the gear safe and dry on water. SlideTrax accessory system allows the rider to add and remove accessories from Kayak without drilling holes.

Rider gets molded in the cup holder to keep their drinks safe and accessible. Self-bailing scuppers of this Kayak drain the water that gets in the seating area to keep it dry.

The storage area is available to keep equipment and scupper keeps water away from the gear. Close gear storage pockets are provided to keep smaller gear easy to access.


  1. Carry handles
  2. Orbix bow and Midship hatches
  3. Self-bailing scupper holes
  4. Cupholder
  5. Keepers XL foot brace system
  6. SlideTrax accessory system
  7. Gear storage pockets
  8. Side carry handles with paddle holders
  9. Self-bailing tank well with bungee

3. Vibe kayaks Skipjack 90 9-foot Fishing Kayak

This is a sit on type fishing Kayak is if length 8 foot with dimensions 108 x 32 x 15 inches and weight 46 lbs. It is lightweight and so easy to carry with on car or truck while you are traveling. It comes with different features of comfort and storage along with stability.

You will get a deluxe seat that will not let you get tired of uncomfortable while on water as it can be a long day when you are fishing. Journey paddles are available to provide portability and stability while fishing. Two paddle parks are available to secure paddles when not in use.

5 capped flush mount holders and mounting point for Scotty, videos mount accessories and RAM are provided in this Kayak. For storage riders get 3 sealed hatches with bag inserts. Large bungeed rear tank is present to keep all the tools and items protected for the rider. 5 easy grips are present to make Kayak easy to transport and move around.


  1. Journey paddle and deluxe kayak seat
  2. 4 capped flush mount rod holders
  3. Two paddle parks
  4. 2 sealed hatches
  5. 4 easy grips


  1. The taller rider might not be satisfied with this.

4. Binglinghua Inflatable Kayak Fishing

This here is a fishing Kayak that has enough space for 3-4 people to ride and comes with many features of space and durability. It is an inflatable fishing Kayak Available in different sizes.

The weight capacity is 300-400 kg making it a suitable Kayak for the heavy loader. The material in its construction is environmental protection PVC that makes it very much durable and balanced.

It is a Kayak suitable for outdoor rafting and fishing that comes with large space. In the 2.3M and 2.7M boat, there are two fishing rod holes and two cushions. 2 paddles are available in this Kayak and the PVC is .9mm thick.


  1. Board for more than 2 people
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Wear resistant and inflatable
  4. Easy sitting space
  5. Paddles and pumps available

5. Lifetime Fishing Kayak


Lifetime fishing kayak comes in the dimensions of 120x 31x 14.1 inches and weighs 56.5 pounds. It is constructed of UV protected high-density Polyethylene that makes it durable so it doesn’t get peeled of fades on long exposure to sunlight.

Multiple footrests for riders are available as comfort is a must in Kayak for long fishing sessions that last the whole day. It has a flat bottom that makes it exceptionally stable on the water.

Two flushes mounted fishing rod holders along with one too mount fishing g rod holder is available for the rider in this Kayak. For storage, it has enough space in the two 6” storage compartments.

Handling and transportation are easy for riders as this Kayak comes with front and rear t-handles. Deep hull tracking channels and stability chine rails are present to provide extra stability to the Kayak. The footrests are changeable to make it more comfortable for Rider.


  1. UV protected high-density Polyethylene
  2. Multiple footrest positions
  3. Stable Flat bottom
  4. Two flushes mounted fishing rod holder
  5. One top mount fishing rod holder
  6. Two 6” storage compartments
  7. Front and rear t handles
  8. Deep hull tracking channels
  9. Stability chine rails

6. Ocean Kayak Caper Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak


This is a sit on top type fishing Kayak with dimensions 132 x 31 x 18 inches and weighs 47 pounds. The weight capacity is 325 pounds making it a lightweight yet good Kayak.

It comes with a comfortable seat that keeps rider comfy and undisturbed. The seat can be adjusted into four ways to get the most comfortable positions.

For stability, the trip form hull combined primary and secondary stability with the long center keel to keep paddler going forward. Gears, equipment, and foods etc can be storages in the large click seal bow hatch and large stern tank well which has bungee straps.

It has now and stern grab handles and side mounted carrying handles to make the Kayak more mobile in water and easy to transport.


  1. Trip form hull
  2. Long center keel
  3. Four-way adjustable comfort plus seat
  4. Clock seal bow hatch
  5. Large stem tank well with bungee straps
  6. Grab handles and carrying handles
  7. Paddle holder
  8. Lifetime warranty on hull

What do you need in your Kayak?

For buying a Kayak the budget is not the only important part but you need to know what’s important in a kayak to make it worth money. Some basic features should always be present in any Kayak no matter the budget and here are some of the important features that you must check before having a Kayak as the final choice.


Usually, Kayaks are constructed by UV protected high-density Polyethylene to provide long life and better durability as Kayaks need to face the sunlight for a long duration that can cause peeling and fading in weak construction. Get a kayak that has a strong and durable construction that last life long and doesn’t peel off or fade on long exposure to sunlight.


Water is part of nature and you never know what comes next so always get a kayak that is stable and comes with stability features that can keep up with strong wind and waves. An unstable Kayak can cause a rider a lot of problems as it will be unreliable on how much movement should be done while in water. Stable Kayak allows the rider to move freely and stay comfortable even in strong waves.


Kayaks are available in different size and rider should always check for a kayak that is big enough for sitting and moving around. Smaller kayaks can be uncomfortable and unbearable for the rider as fishing is a long session activity that lasts for the whole day.


Heavy Kayaks are hard to transport and move around with so it’s recommended to look for Kayaks that are lightweight. Lightweight Kayaks that can be easily moved by a single person are best as fishing can be solo activity many times and Kayaks need to be transported by vans and cars most of the time. A Kayak that has handles to carry are very much appreciated as it makes transportation much easier.


Fishing is a long activity and can take the whole day so comfort is not just a seat that is comfortable Kayak needs to have all the necessary features of the footrest and adjustable seats. While sitting on a Kayak whole day it can get tiring for legs and back as well so it’s recommended to get a Kayak that has adjustable seats and back support along with changeable footrest positions for different size riders.

Storage space and weight capacity

A rider needs to keep many different things of necessity along with them while on Kayak. A Kayak needs to have good weight capacity as it has to take on the rider and all the fishing equipment and tools. Fishing tools can be heavy many times and Kayak should never fail to keep all the things. Storage space has to be enough for all the things like tools and essentials. The storage compartment of Kayaks should be big enough to keep all the stuff.

Attachments, holders etc

Kayaks with enough space to keep your tools and equipments are basic and you should also try to look for kayaks that provide you attachments to add more accessories and holders to keep things close to you where they are easy to access.


The best of Kayaks under the budget of $800 were listed above in the article and hopefully, you will find the list useful. The details of each Kayak are provided along with pros and cons if it came in our knowledge so you can know if there is something you can neglect.

The basic features you need to look for in your Kayak are also given so there should be no issue for you while you select any Kayak from our list or from the market itself. Get yourself a Kayak suitable for your size and needs as this is what you will be taking for your next fishing adventure.

We hope you got all the information you needed and stay connected to us for more articles with more information right here ready for you.